Products and Information

SUN LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY, INC. manufactures steel modules and wooden cases. SLTI provides good quality of raw materials either locally or imported materials to be used for the production of modules. It adept the modern techniques provided by its mother company (SAN-EI) in Japan to assure the good quality of services that they provide to their clients.

SLTI handles over-all Logistics support and exporting services from port of origin, to the port of destination, from vanning and devanning services.

It also provides various services such as: Management control, Inventory control, Production Planning, Handling Packages solutions (packing, wrapping and boxing of parts), Monitoring, Forecasting, Trucking, Storage, Warehousing and other more services.

For our warehousing we have a very spacious area and it can accommodate bigger volume of stocks and materials.

With the special arrangement at Toyota Motors Philippines, SLTI is managing all the automotive parts on which TMP and their suppliers are manufacturing for export parts. SLTI provide various services for TMP, such as planning to delivery schedules (all export documents and requirements), monitoring, packing solutions, inventory to shipment.

Aside from export services we also do import activities for Toyota Motors Philippines (Auto parts). We prepare documentation, reports, inventory control up to their deliveries.